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ThermaDura Smart home solutions are now available for windows and doors.

- Electronic locks with Bluetooth

- Automatic Lift-slide doors

- Security sensors for windows & doors


ThermaDura offers the German made FSB range of architectural handles. Some models are stocked in New Zealand


ThermaDura windows and doors have been used in the 3 best performing Passivehouses in regards to the airtightness results.

The best blower door test is from a Passivehouse project in Dunedin with the result of 0.1 ach.


Why ThermaDura products?

  • ThermaDura holds stock in Mosgiel for at least one year of full production.

  • ThermaDura windows achieved the 3 best blower door test results in New Zealand

  • ThermaDura works with fair deposits and progress payments.

  • ThermaDura has data available needed for phpp (Passive House) calculations

  • No import risks (quality, quantity and timing - and no resulting extra cost)

  • Spare parts readily available

  • You deal with proud local window manufacturers who keep quality jobs in New Zealand.

  • We do what we promise to do.

European Style Energy Efficient Wooden Windows & Doors

  • Extremely energy efficient windows

  • Windows for Passive House

  • For up to 64mm triple glazing

  • Maximum air-tightness values

  • Manufactured in New Zealand

  • Wide range of wooden windows

  • Suit all NZ cladding systems



Passive House Designers

In New Zealand we have got some  very good INDEPENDENT PASSIVE HOUSE DESIGNERS who provide impartial advice to clients and offer the best option for you and your project and not the best option for the Passive house designers wallet.

As some Passive House Designers  gave up their independence and now compete with ThermaDura we recommend to contact ThermaDura directly to get a free quotation for New Zealand manufactured windows suitable for passive houses. We can also provide you with recommendation for Passive House Designers who are still independent in your area.

Factory visit

Get in touch to visit our modern factory in Mosgiel. See our production and the quality we deliver to our customers!!

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