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All the products we use are water based and have been specially developed for use on windows and doors. Coatings for exterior joinery must be able to ”breath” to create a healthy living climate on the inside and to release moisture outside if necessary. A Polyurethane finish cannot do this. For a natural look all our wood stains and clear coats are matt.


Sikkens and Adler offer maintenance products which extend the re-painting intervals of the joinery.


Exterior clear coat
Exterior clear coat

Adler is an Austrian based, family owned company that is leading the industry with innovative products. Adler products have been used for more than 5 years in the harsh New Zealand conditions and have proven to be an excellent choice.

A unique Adler product is the exterior clear coat Adler Ligno+. The natural finish is achieved by applying 4 different products which stabilize the lignin in the timber using high quality raw materials. Adler Ligno+ is our premium finish product.


Colour range conservatories
Expansion joint timber

All our timber windows and doors undergo 2 separate processes to ensure the durability of the finish. The end grain of the timber is treated with an especially for this purpose designed sealer. The V-joints are also sealed to ensure that the timber can expand and contract without affecting the finish of the joinery.


At ThermaDura we seal and stain our windows and doors in an automated stain channel. This ensures an even sealer and stain penetration into the timber for maximum durability and quality of the finished product.


We only use waterbased products for environmental and health  reasons.

Durable windows doors


We apply the finish with an air assisted spray system. This ensures a furniture-like finish and a maximum life span of the window and door finish. At ThermaDura all joinery is sprayed in the controlled environment of our factory. The sealing and priming is done in an automated stain channel with a three or four coat system. Before the topcoat is applied all items undergo a quality check. This ensures a spotless application of the water-based products.

Pre finished joinery
Timber window maintenance


At ThermaDura we offer maintenance kits specific to the product applied on your windows and doors. The set consists of a window cleaner and a maintenance product which is applied with a cloth. There is no sanding necessary!


Please click on the link to download the maintenance instructions.


The highly transparent topcoat, AquawoodLigno+ Top ultimately provides active UV protection.

The most modern UV protection agents are used in the process, resulting in perfect transparency of the film with the protective feature at the same time. The revolutionary feature of this technology is the highly constant and consistent effect of the protection when compared to conventional highly transparent coatings for use outdoors. The Adler Ligno+system has been successfully used for 6 years in New Zealand.


Durable window finish
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