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Large openings give a sense of spaciousness and openness in every home. Bi-fold doors are the perfect way to achieve large openings; sash weights can be up to 100kg. Our bi-fold doors an windows can open inwards or outwards (DesignLine inwards opening only) and are manufactured with a timber threshold.


Key advantages


  • max. unit width 7500mm


  • max. sash weight 100kg (bottom running)


  • units with 8 bifold sashes possible


  • max. sash height 2950mm


  • inwards or outwards opening option (DesignLine inwards opening only))


  • low timber threshold


  • tilt-turn sash can be intergrated

Timber bifold doors built to last. European hardware.

NatureLine bifold door from  the outside

NatureLine bifold door seen from the inside


Bifold door options (available in timber and timber-Aluminium)

Timber ALuminium  bifold doors installed in a ThermaDura conservatory

DesignLine bifold door in a conservatory

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