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ROMA External Sunscreens

As market leader in the area of sun screening systems, ROMA is developing textile screens that offer additional features. ROMA blinds are manufactured in Germany.

Topics such as climate regulation, security and energy efficiency always call for new solutions. When it comes to textile screens, many things revolve around atmosphere.

ThermaDura currently only offers Roma fabric blinds for our Otago and Southland based customers.

ROMA's most important insight over these past 35 years: A sense of home starts at the window.

Regardless of whether you want to let in the sunshine in the morning or keep prying eyes out in the evening, whether you prefer cool rooms in the scorching summer or save energy in the cold season – arguably there is no other item in your house that has a greater effect on lighting atmosphere, indoor climate and privacy than sun screening.

Textile Screens

ROMA textile screens are convincing thanks to their outstanding sun shading properties. Their functionality is unique: They provide protection against heat while still allowing in enough daylight for a natural atmosphere, also ensuring a good view from the inside out.

All this without any additional expenses, since ROMA textile screens are weather-proof and practically maintenance-free. When it comes to creating an atmosphere, they also offer a world of new possibilities.

All blinds are factory-programmed and are supplied with one remote control each. The integration in a home automation system or reprogramming to suit individual situations needs to be done by the customer.

Roma brochure

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