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Protecting yourself and your furniture from the effect of the sun in major a consideration when designing windows and doors for your house or your conservatory.



Our honeycomb or pleated blinds are the perfect sun protection in your tilt & turn windows and doors. We can make them in almost any shape so you really can tailor them to suit your design. The controls can be handle operated, top down bottom up, cord operated, or they can even be fully automated.


We manufacture almost all of blinds at our factory in sunny Mosgiel using German componentry, and  use Somfy (again, a world leader) for the controls.


We offer TwinGo pleated blinds or a TwinGo honeycomb range. The choice really depends on what you like the look of. They provide both privacy and light control, and can be made to insulate as well. We have an extensive range of fabrics, colours, patterns and transparency grades to ensure that there is a quality solution for you.


A metallised backing option is available on both our ranges which gives you blinds with outstanding insulating properties. 


With TwinGo blinds you can be sure you have a premium quality product in your conservatory.


TwinGo honeycomb and pleated blinds offer solutions for a wide range of window and door designs. Our blinds take up very little space so are unobtrusive when not in use, this leaves you more space for the view.


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or contact us and we will organize a blind consultant in your area to contact you.

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The TwinGo system offers a solution for almost every window shape.  Manual and automated operation is possible.

VS2 blind

2/3 top closed

VS2 blind

2/3 bot. closed

VS2 blind

centre closed

VS2 blind

fully open

VS2 blind

fully closed

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