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After a long day, one wants to come home, leave all the noise at the door and quickly settle down in one’s cosy home. Door closed, hustle and bustle left outside. The M-TS motorised lock is the best choice for this. It is the fastest motorised multi-point lock on the market, both in operation and fabrication.

Set new standards on front doors with the M-TS motorised lock and lay the foundation for a modern operation. Whether you want to open it with a finger scan, keypad or smartphone – you decide! With the M-TS motorised lock, you can easily implement every wish.


Conventional motorised locks open and close with full motor power. MACO has a clever solution that makes all the difference - more comfortable, faster and quieter.

When closing, MACO's proven 3-latch technology ensures the perfect grip and high closing force. Only then does the motor work and lock.

This means that a door with the electromechanical M-TS lock is unlocked in just 0.3 seconds and much quieter than before.

The M-TS can always be opened by key - with just one turn of the key.

  • Secure due to multipoint locking system
  • Any access solution can be plugged in via Plug& Play
  • Compatible with surveillance and smart home systems thanks to integrated shutter monitoring
  • Energy efficient & draft free due to multipoint lock
  • Soundproof - sound remains outside the door
  • Lock opens in 0.3 seconds
  • Quiet mechanism. The cylinder is decoupled from the motor.
  • As a backup a key can always be used for access
  • Is compatible with most commercially available monitoring systems
Smartphone app



Lifting and sliding motor driven: The larger the glass surface, the greater the desire for easier sliding. This is where the HS Comfort drives come into play - they make light work of large-area colossi while effortlessly and quietly lifting up to 440 kilograms.

The drive is available in the fully automatic "HS" version and in the semi-automatic "S" version. Both versions can be installed either concealed or surface-mounted.


Max width frame: 6500mm

Max sash weight:  440kg

Min sash width:    1220mm

Max sash width:   3235mm

Max Sash height: 2700mm


Control pad on inside of door sash

Key push-button for outside (fitted to building)

Comfort drive brochure
Comfort drive options



Living in an intelligent home has long since ceased to be a thing of the future. The smart home makes it possible today for building components to actively think.


This sensor is an option for upstairs windows and is more cost competitive than the M-troic sensor.

The sensor is wireless and has a battery life of 6-8 years. The battery is easy to replace. The sensor is concealed in the rebate and only visible when the window or door is open.

The window status dectection: open and locked.

This sensor only works for windows.

The MACO mTronic and MACO eTronic wireless sensors easily integrate windows, doors and sliding elements into the smart home system. The benefits? More security, control, comfort and energy efficiency in your own home – in short, an investment that pays off.


Is my window open, tilted or closed? Or is a burglar trying to get in? The MACO wireless sensors always keep an eye on the situation - they monitor windows, doors and sliding elements, thus making a valuable contribution to security and comfort.

This M-tronic sensor can be used for all windows and doors. The sensor is wireless and has a battery life of 3-5 years. The battery is easy to replace. The sensor is concealed in the rebate and only visible when the window or door is open.

The window status dectection: open, locked, tilted

The M-tronic sensor includes automatic burglary detection.

Compatibility with home automation systems

In the integration instructions you will find a step-by-step guide for the integration of mTronic and eTronic into the respective systems. Do you have any further questions? Then, please contact the support of the respective smart home provider (see links), who will be happy to help you.



KNX Standard








Can I connect the wireless sensors directly to my smartphone to see if my windows are closed?

To see the current window status, you need to integrate mTronic and eTronic via a smart home gateway (e.g. Homee, Somfy or Mediola; see list above). This allows you to view the window status on your smartphone/tablet via the app of the smart home system provider and set further scenarios / automations.

I already have a wired building management system or parts of one. Can I use the eTronic or mTronic wireless sensors to expand my system?

Yes, mTronic and eTronic can also be a useful addition to wired systems. This is possible, for example, via a so-called flush-mounted actuator, which picks up the EnOcean wireless signals from the sensors and forwards them via cable. Alternatively, various system providers can integrate wired systems as well as record wireless signals (e.g. Mediola or Symcon; see list above).


I am having problems integrating mTronic or eTronic into my smart home system. Who can help me further?

It is important that your sensor and your gateway or system are compatible with each other (see EnOcean wireless protocol above; compatible systems) – then the integration is very simple. For the mTronic integration, please pay attention to which installation position has been selected and set the appropriate mode. It still doesn't work? Your system provider's support will help you with all your concerns (integration, scenario programming...) further.

Are MACO wireless sensors also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and/or Google Home?

The selected smart home system decides whether voice control via Amazon Alexa, window status display via Apple Homekit or the use of Google Home is possible. Many systems that are compatible with mTronic and eTronic already offer networking with Alexa, Apple and Google.

My mTronic no longer shows anything, the sensor LED flashes quickly. What could the error be?

Here, "alarm" has most likely been triggered (potential break-in) and thus the automatic lock has been activated. You must deactivate them (see package leaflet) according to the previously used mode. Attention: please treat your mTronic with care, because damage to the electronics inside can also lead to an automatic lock.



Do you want to unlock your front door during the day without using a key or at the touch of a button? MACOs E-Openers support the day release function as well as remote release via intercomm or access control. This option is similar to a bullet catch on traditional door locks.

The mechanical variant, also known as day release function, is activated by manually releasing a small latch. Electrical openers release the latch via an impulse from a two-way intercom, a fingerpring reader or a switch - according to individualy requirements. Easily implemented and easy to use – whether in Doctor's practices, law offices, multi-family houses or at home, when kids run in and out.

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