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Maco is an Austria based hardware manufacturer which leads the industry with its focus on quality and innovation. In Europe tilt and turn hardware has become standard in the window industry. In New Zealand this sophisticated system is becoming more and more popular with architects and homebuilders who appreciate the thermal efficiency, the security features and the excellent weather tightness characteristics of the European timber window system.

At ThermaDura we use as standard concealed hardware and hinges wherever possible. The hinges of the standard windows are fully integrated in the sash and the frame and are 3D adjustable. The only visible hardware is the handle of the window or door. The heavy duty mechanisms carry up to 180 kg window and door sashes.

All our windows and doors are equipped with a sophisticated Maco multipoint locking system. This means your joinery is both draft free and secure. Simply by turning the handle you operate the whole locking system around the sash and the locking cams engage. To prevent windows from jamming sash lifters are installed as standard hardware.

Our door and window hardware is 3D adjustable. This feature is a standard in our window and most of our door hardware. By simply using an Allen key you can move your window or door sash up/down, left/right and even in and out to adjust the pressure on the seals. You no longer need to worry about windows getting stuck. Choose ThermaDura products for a future proof investment.


Maco hardware provides a high level of security even in the standard version. They are fitted with mushroom cams in the multipoint locking system which engage with strikers fitted on the inside of the frame. The multiple locking cams are handle operated. A standard ThermaDura window has 5 locking points; conventional sash windows lock only at the handle.


For high security buildings like banks ThermaDura offers additional security features. ThermaDura joinery conforms to all European burglary-resistance standards.


Child safety locks are compulsory in multi storey buildings. If locked, the window can only be tilted for ventilation. If unlocked the window can be opened fully to make cleaning of the outside possible.

At ThermaDura we know that a door or window can only be thermally efficient when the seals are properly designed and fitted. For this reason we only use quality non-rotting rubber seals which are mechanically fitted into a groove. The seals are uninterrupted and wrap around with a firm back to avoid contraction.  Our quality seals distinguish themselves from other seals available as they expand after being compressed to ensure a draft free seal for the years to come.

MACO Tricoat

The MACO TRICOAT fittings provide excellent characteristics for application in regions with saline air, but also with increased chemical contaminants.

The highest values are achieved in the salt spray test in accordance with EN ISO 9227. In addition MACO TRICOAT  fittings are equipped with a high level of resistance against chemical acid and caustic solution attacks.

The pivot post and scissor stay’s surface coating is carried out using a special  powder coating process. The fine-structured surface-finish is extremely corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant as well as water and dir trepellent.

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