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Your first step towards quality joinery

We aim for technical efficiency and uncluttered beauty. We hope that we have helped you understand the key advantages of ThermaDura timber windows and doors. ThermaDura is an innovative company; we manufacture our products to future European standards.


While all our joinery is proudly manufactured in our factory in Mosgiel, New Zealand (it is a lovely part of the country) which is a couple of km from Dunedin.

If you live in Christchurch, Queenstown  or any other place in the South Island, ThermaDura can supply your energy efficient timber windows and doors right to the building site.


At ThermaDura we focus entirely on supplying quality products to our customers. You can rest assured that all our components are quality, tested products. We are proud of our staff who are committed to crafting your timber windows and doors to a standard that will give your years of warmth and pleasure.


We hope this website and our brochures have provided ample information for you to make a quality decision. For specific questions about your project we welcome you to contact us. If you like a quotation for your project, please send us your house plans.


Our office hours are from 8.30am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 8.30 to 12 p.m Fridays. For appointments we also open at the weekends. Please call us to make a time.


ThermaDura Ltd

9 Gladstone Road South

Mosgiel 9024 (Dunedin)


phone 03 489 7538

NatureLine Spec Sheet
DesignLine Spec Sheet
Send us the relevant Spec Sheet to receive a quote:
The spec sheets are interactive pdfs- that means you can work directly within the pdf.


  • the “$” sign gives you a price indication (green = lower prices, red = higher prices)

  • the “info” button leads you to the relevant pages on our website for more information about a specific topic or detail.


When you are finished filling out the form you just have to click on the ”Submit Form” button (pdf now does get automatically attached to an email in your email- browser), you can also print the form for your own use.


In addition to the spec sheet please also send us- if you havn't already done so- your window schedule, elevations and a floor plan.


This way we can make sure that you will receive a quote quickly which fits the requirements for your project.

Click here for ThermaDura's general Terms and Conditions

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