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We at ThermaDura always strive to have happy customers- see below some of the feedback we received..

Fountain Pen

"Thermadura are simply the best people to work with on your new home project, from the dedication to manufacturing excellence, innovation in product design, reduced on-site labour, to helping you make the best possible choice of windows, doors and glass curtain wall, external and internal blinds…it’s the total package…great product and great team from the very start to the delivery, support for your builder, to your finished house.

I’d never built a house before and not only did we achieve a result that only 15 buildings worldwide have ever achieved but also jointly achieve a New Zealand performance standard for airtightness of the building thanks to Thermadura…the other building also has Thermadura windows and doors too.  Quality does count, avoid shortcuts and costly mistakes use Thermadura windows and doors.’"

Jonathan & Nikki, Lake Hawea

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the windows!!! And the position of the handles is the perfect height!


Listening to my builder's explanation about how the delivery and installation took place, it sounds like it was a huge, heroic effort! Again, a HUGE "Thank you!" to you and Chris."

N.E. , Dunedin

"..Everyone comments on the beautiful timber joinery - it really is the most defining element of the house. Thank you again for the lovely job you made."

Claire, Christchurch

"..Many thanks for your efforts last week – great to have the place waterproof and the result is superb – its interesting how everybody who visits the site touches the joinery and comments on it!."

Brent, Wanaka

"...Back from Sydney last week and can see for myself the great job Chris and our boys did on the installation.  The windows and doors look great and exceed our expectations so thank you very much.  If you have any potential clients in the Upper Clutha who wish to see your product, they are welcome to pop by."

Nick, Wanaka

"..happy to be back home and to see the big windows in situ.  They look magnificent. I am really happy with them and they make the house feel so much more solid and modern and I feel as if I have put my stamp on this house and it is becoming my home.

Tania, Dunedin

"..we love them, they’re beautiful and a pretty special addition to the house.."

Melissa, Riverton

"..Very happy overall with the exterior joinery it looks fabulous and works very smoothly. Big thanks to you, Chris and Vitali for everything, it’s been a major investment and we are happy we chose the right company/people as suppliers."

Andrew, Havelock North

"..The windows arrived Friday afternoon and the workmanship looks wonderful and we can't wait to get them into final position."

Barry, Christchurch

"..We're absolutely stoked with the ThermaDura windows – they're incredible."

Leo, Dunedin

"I want to thank you again for the lovely quality of the frames you have built for me.  I just love to look at the profiles - awesome.  I shall come straight to Therma Dura when we're ready to start on the "real" bigger house."

M.,  Queenstown

"...Finally been into the workshop to see the doors you made. They look absolutely amazing! They arrived in perfect condition too, so that delivery company did a very good job of not destroying your hard and amazing work. 

So I just wanted to say thank you very much! 

I cannot wait until I can install them in a few weeks, just waiting for the good weather for my prefab house to go up. 

So glad you were able to squeeze me in and produce them as quickly as you did."

Rebekah, Masterton

"...the clients were really taken back with the quality of the product, and are very happy."

Mark, Queenstown

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