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There are many scary stories around from importing windows and doors into New Zealand. We have been  contacted often to make windows which have been ordered in the wrong size, were damaged during transport or haven't been delivered. 

We at ThermaDura believe in local manufacturing. We do not pay "back handers" or any other "commissions" in order to be specified for a project- we convince with the quality of our product.



ThermaDura windows and doors comply with the NZ building code.

You are provided with a warranty by a local manufacturer with extensive stock and machinery, instead of dealing with a salesman with a desk operation and a bunch of samples. 

In case of transport damage, wrong sizes, additional windows/doors, we can manufacture swiftly to keep the building process on schedule.

80% of materials for your windows and doors are already paid for and in stock when you pay your deposit. 

You help building a manufacturing base and jobs in New Zealand for the future 

In case a window/door does not arrive or a wrong size, design, colour,  etc arrives you have to wait for a new unit from overseas which can take 5 months and may delay your building process considerably. ThermaDura on the other hand can manufacture a new unit in no time.

At ThermaDura we make sure you will have a good experience and someone who looks after you and your project - not only at the point of sale but for the years to come.

Unfortunately not all designers/architects are independent these days and have agreements with suppliers, so please contact us directly to get a ThermaDura quote. We do believe a designer/architect should solely work for the client and for this reason ThermaDura does not pay backhanders or sales commissions.


Overseas manufacturers are outside New Zealand legislation and increase the risk factor.

You don't have the extensive delivery time which increases your risk. 

Spare parts, finishing products are in stock and service is provided from the people who know and understand the product, because they manufacture it.

No risk of currency fluctuation which can make your project a lot more expensive, especially in uncertain times like these. 

You support the Passive House movement in New Zealand by using the company that produced the Southern Hemisphere's first Certified Passive House windows.

ThermaDura provide the backup in the years

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